Results = Value

Of all the resume tips and tricks out there, this may just be one of the MOST important: The results you were able to accomplish at a company demonstrate the value you brought to that company; that is Results = Value.

Instead of including sudden death statements like, “Responsible for” or “Duties include,” (which by the way, don’t really differentiate you from the competition), tell recruiters and hiring managers the specific impact you made at past organizations.  What were the results of executing your duties/responsibilities?  How did you impact the organization?  Don’t forget to be specific with your results by using quantified information. 

When you are able to show that your actions achieved concrete results for an organization, you increase your value proposition to employers.  They will expect that you will bring this value-add with you to your next position. 

A good way to get started refreshing your resume in this area is to look at each of your responsibilities/duties listed and brainstorm the results of each action.  How did your successful execution of that task impact the organization?  What were you able to accomplish?

Be sure to highlight each of your accomplishments with bullet points to make them easy to identify.  This may take some time and thought, but the end result is worth it; you will boost your value and position yourself for success!