Blue Ridge Resumes is a professional resume writing firm located in Lynchburg, Virginia.  All of our writers are Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW), and we work one-on-one with clients across all industries, tailoring to individual professional experiences, skill sets, and career goals. Blue Ridge Resumes is not a high-volume resume mill, but rather a strategic branding firm, because we recognize the value in crafting each document specific to a client’s unique needs.  

We also believe in empowering job seekers to craft and update their own resumes using proven effective strategies.  We offer resume training, teaching resume techniques focused on your professional experience, industry, and career goals.  The resume strategies we teach have produced winning resumes for our clients time and time again!

Our passion is helping people achieve their career goals.  We take pride in our client’s success and it’s this commitment to our customers that drives everything we do at Blue Ridge Resumes!



Founder, Senior Resume Writer

Sarah founded Blue Ridge Resumes after several years of freelance resume writing with outplacement and recruitment firms. She has written hundreds of resumes for clients across the country, and is passionate about helping them achieve their career goals. Sarah holds a CPRW certification, and is a member of the PARW/CC and the NRWA.

Sarah has a diverse career background, spanning time in the Marine Corps, non-profit sector,  and international corporate organizations. No matter what the industry, exceptional customer service, and client relations are always at the foundation of her success. Her well-rounded experience gives her unique insight into many different fields, adding to the effectiveness of the resumes she writes.


What our Clients are saying!

"Blue Ridge Resumes did a fabulous job crafting an impactful, succinct and successful resume for me...The end result was better than I expected.  (Their) version of my resume resulted in immediate responses from potential employers and got me past the screeners.  Once in the face to face interviews, most commented on my resume being “strong”.  This led to the most important part of the job search, offers! I credit (them) with pulling out the key information, editing out the fluff and making my experience and skill sets shine.  I am now a believer in letting a professional polish your resume."

 - USMC; Delivery Manager